Best Thermal Camera for Leak Detection

​What is the best thermal imaging camera for leak detection?

Leaks in your home or office building can cause thousands of dollars of damage and many times it can be difficult to identify leaks before it is too late and they have already caused a tremendous amount of damage. Thermal imaging cameras can be a great help allowing you to detect leaks. The best thermal camera for your leak detection needs will depend upon the features you are looking for, how often you will be using the camera, the types of leaks you will be looking for and certainly your budget.

​What You Should Look For In A Thermal Imaging Camera for Leak Detection

Use - Will you be using this for your own home inspection use or will you be inspecting multiple homes and/or commercial buildings as part of your business? An entry level thermal camera such as the FLIR C3 is good choice as it is easy to use, small, and relatively inexpensive. For commercial use the FLIR E60 is going to be a much better choice as you will need to be able to send images back to the office/insurance company from onsite many times and will need the extra features and resolution this camera offers.

Price - Like above your budget will also play a big role in what thermal camera is best. If you are looking for the absolutely cheapest solution the Seek Compact, and FLIR ONE are imagers that connect to your Iphone or Android device which can be a very reasonable solution

​Below we have reviewed several thermal imaging cameras for leak detection; and we hope that they help you in selecting the perfect thermal imaging camera for your needs.

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