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If you have spent hours researching the perfect thermal scope to fit your needs and still have a list of 10 or more you will love our selection table which we created below. This table allows you to quickly and easily look at thermal scopes with the options and features that are important to you. Whether that be price, thermal resolution, battery life, recording capabilities, or something else our real-time selection table will help you find the best thermal scope for you.

You can select from any of the below features and the table will update in real-time to show the thermal scopes (we also created one for thermal monoculars) that fit your selected criteria. We have also included multiple ways to buy so you can ensure that you are getting the best possible price. Leave a comment below if you found this table helpful or if you have a suggestion on improvements we can make to it.

wdt_ID Model Thermal Resolution Refresh Rate Magnification Field of View Detection range Short/Medium/Long Distance Clip-on Recoil activated video recording Wifi Bluetooth Digital Compass Built in Range Finder Battery Life (H) Battery Type Warranty Weight Weather Protection Mount Our Rating
Thermal Resolution Refresh Rate Short/Medium/Long Distance Clip-on Recoil activated video recording Wifi Built in Range Finder Our Rating