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There are so many different thermal monculars available today with different resolution, optics, recording features and storage options. How can you sift through all the available models and find the best one to fit your needs without spending hours and hours researching? Well we have done almost all the work for you to help you quickly and easily find your perfect thermal monocular. You can use the below table to sort based on your preferences whether that be price, thermal resolution, brand, optics, battery life, or something else.

This easy to use table will allow you to quickly eliminate monoculars (we also created one for thermal rifle scopes) that don't fit your needs and pinpoint your best choice. We also give you multiple ways to buy so you can ensure you always find the lowest price. Feel free to leave a comment below if you find this table helpful or if you have a suggestion for how we could improve it. 

wdt_ID Model Thermal Resolution Refresh Rate Magnification Field of View Detection Range Short/Medium/Long Range Wifi Bluetooth Digital Compass Built in Range Finder Battery Life Battery Type Warranty Weight Weather Protection Our Rating
Thermal Resolution Refresh Rate Short/Medium/Long Range Wifi Built in Range Finder Weather Protection Our Rating