Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera – Best of 2018

Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Firefighters!

At first thought firefighters using thermal imaging cameras may not be top of your mind however thermal imaging cameras are an vital part of a firefighter's gear. They allow them to see the temperature on potentially explosive materials and machinery during industrial fires which can help them know when they have to evacuate the building or if they are safe to continue searching for survivors. Additionally thermal cameras can help them locate people still inside the building even in heavy smoke.

Many companies produce thermal imaging cameras geared for firefighters. FLIR makes a whole model series specifically designed for firefighters of which we have reviewed several of the models. Their K line has many options to fit any buget from the entry level K2 to the top of the line NFAP certified K65. Aside from the handheld thermal imaging cameras FLIR also produces Truck and ladder mountable cameras and the FLIR TIC that can be mounted on a drone allowing for aerial recon.

What Should A Firefighter Look For In A Thermal Camera?

Rugged Design - a thermal camera that a firefighter uses should be very durable and able to withstand daily abuse. You will want a drop rating of at least 2 meters; meaning that you can drop the camera from 2 meters onto concrete and it will not break.

​NFAP Certification - FLIR’s K65 camera is NFAP certified

Large LCD Screen - you will want thermal camera with a large easy to read LCD screen so that you can see it through your firefighter mask.

Long Lasting Warranty - FLIR’s 2-5-10 warranty is the best in the industry. 2 year coverage on batteries, 5 year coverage on the camera, and 10 year coverage on the detector.

Easy to Use - The K series was built from the ground up with firefighters in mind and the cameras are easy to use even with full bunker gear on.

Image Storage - The K series can store images for later report generation on what happened at the fire scene.