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Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras

seek thermal camera for iphone

For those people looking for an entry level Thermal Imaging Camera this may be one of the best deals available. The Seek iPhone thermal camera (available for Android as well) is very compact and makes use of your smartphones display to view, store and send pictures; (we noticed that the Android version usually sells for a little less than the iPhone version). This camera has a large temperature range of –40 to 626F that many professional grade (FLIR) cameras cannot match. This camera can also detect Thermal energy up to 1000 feet away. The manual focus wheel lets you focus in on areas of concern. This iPhone thermal camera can operate in total darkness as well. While this is probably not a good fit for professional tradesmen as it does lack reporting software; the entry level price and great feature set make this a perfect camera for the homeowner or DIY’er. As always ensure that your Iphone and IOS version are supported before purchasing.

Seek thermal camera for iPhone


  • 928 reviews on Amazon
  • 3.8 Stars
  • 49% of reviewers giving it 5 stars
  • Prime eligible
  • Manual Focus wheel for pinpointing heat sources
  • –40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 36 degree field of view
  • Great entry level camera


  • Very Compact and Versitile
  • Great for home owners and DYI'ers
  • Very reasonable for what you get


  • This is an entry level camera - not intended for professionals
  • Lacks features found in higher end models

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