Flir One Pro Thermal Imager Review

Aug 18
Flir One Pro attachment for IOS and Android

You might have seen the Flir One Thermal Camera on Sale - this is the new improved and better version of the popular thermal imager attachment. Flir One Pro just like the original version comes in two versions - Flir One for iPhone and Flir One for Android. Anyone who is looking for an inexpensive easy to use thermal imager for HVAC inspections, Home inspections should consider this model.

The new Flir one Pro model has a new thermal sensor as well as the new thermal imaging processing unit called VividIR that provides a much clearer picture.  See comparison below:

Flir one attachment
Flir One Pro attachment

The VividIR isn't the only featured that was added to the Flir One. The Pro has two operating modes - visible only  or thermal only. High/Low Gain Modes will allow you to make fine adjustments, and IR scale is now displayed on the image.

In our opinion the extra features and better image quality justifies the higher price point.

Flir One Pro became our choice as the best budget thermal camera, that provides good thermal resolution, ease of use and value. Not sure if you should buy the PRO version? Read our FLIR vs SEEK comparison.  


  • New VividIR image processor with 160x120 resolution
  • Thermal Only, Visible Only modes
  • Video, photo, time-lapse 
  • High/Low Gain Mode
  • IR scale
  • Size: 68 x 34 mm x 14 mm
  • Weight: 36.5g
  • 1.8m drop protection
  • Available for Android and iPhone
  • -4°F - 752°F


  • Simple operation
  • Great quality image for the money 
  • Comes from a trusted leader in the industry
  • Very easy to use and set-up
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android


  • Some customers complain about buggy app