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Flir e60 thermal imager

At FLIR, performance gets better with every entry of thermal imaging cameras. Their latest infrared camera the FLIR E60 is a high-end device for everyday professional use. It combines all the convenient thermal imaging features that allow efficient troubleshooting and the quick creation of custom reports.

Features on the FLIR E60

The FLIR E60 is designed to provide quick diagnostics of common building inspection problems. It boasts a series of features to help ease the process including high resolution, MSX thermal image detailing, Wi-Fi Connectivity, scalable picture-in-picture mode, and many others.

If you are a professional in the building and construction industry with the FLIR E60, you will appreciate working with a high quality thermal imaging camera.

High Resolution

The FLIR comes with the convenience of high infrared images. At 76,800 pixels (320x 240), it takes high-quality and detailed photos. It allows thermographers to get the exact details in a picture without getting too close to common hazards found in the utility industry.

Complicated effects can be picked with ease such as getting a two-dimensional image of surface temperature on an electrical component where touching it could interfere with the equipment.

The FLIR E60 can gather data in every pixel. It gives you dependable results, and it can store up to 1000 radiometric JPEG images on the included SD card. You can also purchase a higher capacity SD card if needed.

MSX Thermal Imaging Enhancement

FLIR enables the user to get some of the features that are not always apparent in a thermal image. MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) blends thermal and visible light images to give a more detailed and clearer thermal image. It uses the image produced by the camera’s 3.1-megapixel digital camera and screens it over the infrared image in real time.

It extracts details such as labels, numbers, letters, and other highlights that help identify the exact location of a problem. MSZ also allows users to make use of the image without referring to a visible light photo of the same image.

FLIR Tools Mobile App

With the FLIR Tools Mobile App, the FLIR E60 can connect to Android, Apple, and Kindle Mobile devices through Wi-Fi. You can stream live thermal videos which can be shared with other professionals when seeking their input.

You can also adjust contrast and color, import JPEG radiometric images, and even add measurement tools to the E60. It helps to pack all those images into a concise and comprehensible report right from the field.

For professionals, this is a very useful tool when expediting critical decisions.

FLIR MeterLink

The FLIR E60 is MeterLink-enabled. It gives thermographers the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity. It allows sending of data from compatible moisture meters and clamps directly to the thermal camera.

It is important when you want to embed valuable diagnostic data in the final image that you’ll be presenting when creating a report. It is great for professionals trying to determine the conditions that are causing particular thermal activity

Multiple Measurements

This device allows adding of up to three moveable spots and three box areas using the touchscreen. This includes Min/Max/Average, Delta T, Auto Hot/Cold Spot Marker, and Isotherm.

Powerful builtin Digital Camera

The 3.1 Megapixel digital camera helps by taking visible light reference pictures. It includes an built in LED light that doubles as a laser pointer when marking out different locations. It also assists in identifying and spotting crucial details in visual photos.

The LED provides ample light to illuminate dark working environments and for MSX enhancement.

Flir E60 thermal imaging camera review

Large User-Friendly Touchscreen

FLIR uses their latest dark precision touchscreen on the E60 infrared camera. It has a 3.5-inch display which gives you access to all the functions at the touch of your fingertips. The bright and responsive touch interface offers you instant access to temperature measurement tools, archived JPEGs, image modes, etc. The intuitive touch screen makes navigations very simple and hassle free.


With the new E60’s touch screen, the user can switch between portrait and landscape to help get the best out of the field of view. It keeps all temperature readings upright no matter how you choose to hold the camera.

Manual Focus and Interchangeable Lens

You have a variety of optional lenses that you can switch from including, one shot images that let you capture in wide-angle. You also can do telephoto shots to measure distant targets and small targets. With the manual focus, you can dial in on small specific details that need to be captured.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The FLIR E60 has a scalable picture-in-picture mode. You can screen images onto thermal digital pictures and still scroll through the overlay images.

High-Temperature Range

This thermal camera comes with a high-temperature mode. You can take measurements of equipment with extremely high temperatures up to 12020 F (6500 C). This gives professionals a clear idea of how well a machine is running to ensure that it remains within a safe range.

The FLIR E60 is highly sensitive to temperature change (<0.0450 C) such that it will record the tiniest change when monitoring temperature patterns that can mean the difference between safe and dangerous operations.

The E60 will help you be able to see heat patterns that will make easy tracking of pest infestations, moisture intrusions, air leaks, and many others.

High Accuracy

This device is calibrated to +/-2 degrees Celsius. It meets high standards which support use in any setting that requires precise readings and consistency. You can also make advanced adjustments when needed.

Text and Voice Annotations

Making reports is easy as you can add text comments from a predefined list or just use the touchscreen. You can also connect a headset which allows you to make voice annotations which you can transfer to other devices via Bluetooth.

Compact Handheld Design

The FLIR E60 weighs only 1.82 lbs. It can be used with one hand because the buttons are large and simple to operate. The lens is focus free, and the images are clear with enhanced clarity.

The camera comes with a hard protective case to protect it on the go. It can withstand falls of up to 2 meters, and it has an IP54 rating. This means it can resist direct water splashes from all directions. It is also protected against dust. This reduces chances of electrical breakdown even when using the camera regularly.

Long Battery Life

The FLIR E60 is supplied with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It offers up to 4 hours of battery life. It comes with the power supply charger with four plugs, hand strap, video cable, lens cap and a USB cable.

The FLIR E60 Warranty

An impressive 10-year warranty covers this device. It is an extensive 10-5-2 guarantee where the detector is covered for ten years, you have five years on the replaceable Lithium-Ion batteries, and two years on the camera parts. FLIR is an industry-leading company that lets users have confidence in their advanced designs.

Common Applications

  • Identifying Electrical Issues: This thermal imager will allow you to work from a distance. It helps you find issues in equipment that could pose a safety issue. You can measure temperatures which aids in spotting faulty wiring, loose connections, and failing circuits.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Thermography helps to catch problems before they become threats. With the FLIR E60, you can make routine checks which can allow you to understand patterns of problems that could blossom into critical failures in the system.
  • Thermal Performance Inspections: HVAC components need constant checking. With the FLIR E60, you can acquire thermal images which can help you see radiant floor issues, leaky ductwork, and even troubleshoot heating issues.For construction workers, you can quickly know the performance of insulation by simply taking thermal images. You can see a vast area that also allows viewing of other issues like heat loss or cold air leaks. 
  • Water Damage: Leaks from roofs can destroy the ceiling and even cause significant issues on the roof. You can spot gaps in the seams, roof punctures, or a compromised membrane in an HVAC unit.The thermal imaging camera can locate temperature differentials which can point out moldy areas that can pose health problems.
  • Locate Destructive Pests: Any concealed termite activity can be identified by tracking temperature differentials behind walls. This can be done with the FLIR E60 thanks to its high-temperature sensitivity.


The FLIR E60 is a high-level professional-grade thermal imaging camera. It is a very popular model for its usefulness ranging from spotting electrical line issues to locating water leaks and damages in houses. 

This model is one of the most advanced in the E-series thanks to its 3.5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, wide temperature range and sensitivity, MSX imaging, and variable focus control.

The E60 renders the sharpest images in the line due to its high resolution. It has a focus-free lens with a wide field of view for detailed imaging. Finally, is well-built with easy operation features and an outstanding warranty from FLIR.

The E60 is a perfect choice for the professional looking to purchase a high quality long lasting thermal imaging camera from the leader in the industry.


  • Very Versatile - works in a majority of situations 
  • Comes from a trusted leader in the industry
  • Very easy to use and set-up


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