ATN ThOR LT Thermal Scope Review

By Randy Angwin

Jun 25
ATN THoR LT thermal imaging scope review

A thermal scope is an essential hunting tool and should form part of the arsenal of any hunter, pro & amateur alike. 

You can take your hunting game to the next level by using this tool that literally allows you to see in the dark. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why You Should Consider Getting a Thermal Scope

In case you aren’t entirely sure, a thermal scope is a device that is mounted on a rifle. This enables hunters to hunt at night by using heat signatures to generate a thermal image.

Originally developed by the military as a warfare tool back in 1947, thermal scopes have evolved exponentially. They have since been adopted by law enforcement agencies, firefighters and hunters.

The main benefit of using a thermal scope is that it allows you to see in the dark. This ability increases your safety, the success of your hunt and helps to familiarize you with your surroundings so that you can easily navigate your hunting area and spot your targets at night. 

One of the leading manufacturers of Thermal Scopes, ATN is a Tech Optics company that was founded back in 1995.

With over two decades of experience under their belt, it is no wonder that today they are the market leading manufacturer and developer of optics for day & night hunting. They are proud to be revolutionizing the industry and aim to produce innovative & cutting edge products and technologies.

ATN’s ThOR line of scopes includes some of the most used rifle scopes and they have a fantastic reputation. 


ATN Thor LT front menu controls

ATN is proud to introduce the innovative ATN ThOR LT, a powerful yet lightweight thermal rifle scope built with quality and affordability in mind. As opposed to other thermal scope options available on the market, the ATN ThOR LT has been expertly designed to look, feel, mount and operate much like a traditional riflescope. 

The hardened aluminum body and easy mounting make this ideal for use on large-caliber rifles & other weight-sensitive platforms.

ATN Thor LT eye piece cup

Retailing at an unbelievable recommended retail price of $1,199.00 currently, you’ll be happy to know that included with your purchase of the ThOR LT 3-6x is a scope cover, USB-C Cable, Eyecup and Lens Tissue.

We’ll have a look at the product specs first, go through the features and discuss them in more detail. 

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Product Specs:

  • Core: ATN Obsidian Core LT 
  • Thermal Sensor: 160 x 120 px/17 µm 60Hz
  • Magnification: 3-6x (also available with 4-8x)
  • Field of view: 11° x 8.3° (8.3° x 6.2° for 4-8x optics)
  • Visual display: 1280x720 HD Display
  • Eye relief: 99mm
  • Attachment/Mount type: 33mm standard rings (not included)
  • IP rating: Weather resistant
  • Charging: USB type C
  • Weight: 1.4 lb.
  • Dimensions: 11.5” x 2.2” x 2.2”

Features of the ThOR LT Line:

This compact, easily mounted device boasts many features that products in this price range do not usually include.

  • Black hot/white hot viewing modes
  • One Shot Zero
  • Weather resistance
  • Recoil resistance
  • Easily mounted onto crossbows, air rifles and other weapon platforms due to the lightweight build
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Multiple reticle patterns
ATN Thot LT menu

Black Hot & White Hot Modes

The ThOR LT features two modes - black hot and white hot. 

Deciding which mode to use mainly comes down to personal preference. It is thoughtful of ATN to include two options to choose from, again putting their user at the top of mind. 

High Refresh Rate

Most hunters will advise that you pick a refresh rate higher than 30Hz and they would be right! The more times an image is refreshed, the clearer the image appears - especially when your target begins moving.

The 60Hz refresh rate that the ThOR LT has is new in this price range. 

Thermal Resolution

Low resolution means a lot of pixilation which distorts the edges of your target making your shot much less accurate.

Understandably, you want a thermal scope to be as reliable as possible and contribute to the success of your hunt. The ThOR LT possesses a thermal resolution of 160 x 120 which is impressive for this price range. 

ATN Thor LT thermal sensor

Battery Life

The Lithium-Ion battery on the ThOR LT provides over 10 hours of continuous battery life from a single charge.

The charging time for this battery is 6 hours for a full recharge and is charged through a USB-C port which comes with the scope for ultimate convenience.

ATN Thor LT USB C charging port

Lightweight Design

The ThOR LT is the lightest of the thermal scopes featured in the ThOR collection. Weighing in at a mere 1.4lb, this scope can be mounted on air rifles, rimfire rifles, crossbows and other weapons where weight is an important factor.

ATN Thor LT side view of the scope

On Screen Menu and Navigation:

One Shot Zero

One Shot Zero makes it possible to sight in your target with more accuracy and less time & ammo wastage. This is done by simply going to the Zero section of the menu and pressing ‘OK’ to enter Zero mode, aligning the scope on your rifle so the bullet hits where you aim.

Optics Options

The ThOR LT 3-6x has a detection range up to 475 meters, human recognition range of 240 and field of view of 11 x 8.3.

ATN also offers a 4-8x option which features the same product specs as the ThOR LT 3-6x but boasts a detection range up to 625 meters, human recognition range of 315 and field of view of 8.3° x 6.2°.

The ThOR LT 4-8x option is slightly more expensive than the ThOR LT 3-6x and retails for $200 more.


The ThOR LT is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in material and craftsmanship under normal use for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. The returns and repairs process is a simple & hassle-free experience.

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What's Included:

  • Thermal Scope
  • Scope Cover
  • Eyecup
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Lens cloth
  • Manual
ATN Thor LT packaging

Final Thoughts

As hunting grows in popularity, the needs of hunters grow with it and a thermal scope is undoubtedly one of these needs.

You can enhance your entire hunting experience by investing in a good thermal rifle scope. If an affordable, compact & lightweight thermal rifle scope is what you’re after - look no further than the ThOR LT.

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