ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x Thermal Rifle Scope Review

Jan 29
ATN ThOR HD 640 Smart Thermal Riflescope With Image Stabilization

The ATN ThOR line of thermal rifle scopes beats everything else you have tried so far. The combination of features and power is now available at a lower cost and smaller packaging, for your convenience. The ATN ThOR HD line represents the newest update to the widely recognized, award-winning part of their thermal scope product line.

Primarily designed for serious hunters, commercial, and military purposes, the ATN ThOR 640 delivers in even the darkest environments. The rapid evolution of thermal imaging technology has enabled ATN to produce high quality compact thermal imaging scopes at very reasonable price points. You may also want to check out our page on best thermal scope for huntingor our best thermal scope for the money.

Product Design & Features:

If you do decide to get this thermal rifle scope, you will enjoy its ergonomic, durable and sturdy build. The quality of the materials used in the designing process allows for continuous use outdoors, without worrying that it will break or malfunction due to everyday use. The product is dustproof and waterproof, which allows you to use it in any type of terrain.

ATN Thor has a class three anodized coating. Underneath this coating, it has Aircraft Aluminum 6061 T6 housing. Without the mounting bracket, it weighs as little as 2 lbs. and measures 10.2’’ in length, 3.7’’ in width, and 2.8’’ in height.

For an optimized shooting experience, this unit is fitted with an eye relief of 28mm and has an 800x600 resolution, OLED color display.  Additionally, there are several other features that the ATN ThOR 640 has:

  • E-Compass – Accurately track your direction and ensure you stay on target
  • Smart Range Finder – The Smart Range Finder allows you to quickly and reliably estimate the distance to your target provided you know the approximate size of your target
  • Smart Shooting Solutions – This ballistics calculator lets your scope easily adjust its point of impact. You will need to know all the information regarding your gun and ammunition type
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    ATN’s New Obsidian User Interface – This app will let you live stream and control your rifle scope from your phone or tablet. The app is available for both iPhone and Andriod devices
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    Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled – Allows you to stream photos or live video of your hunt
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    Recoil Activated Video Recording – This allows you to take video before during and after your shot. Simply set your parameters and the scope will automatically record video a certain number of seconds before and after your shot allowing you to concentrate fully on acquiring your target
ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x, 640x480, 100 mm, Thermal Rifle Scope w/High Res Video, WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Ballistic Calculator and IOS and Android Apps

Camera Lens:

The camera lens specifications are undoubtedly the primary concern and interest for those of you looking to purchase a thermal scope for their rifle. Featuring an uncooled Vanadium oxide bolometer detector and a 30 Hz frame rate, this scope allows its user to get the best thermal image with 640x480 resolution. The thermal sensitivity is <50mK, while for the optic you have Janus lens objective with a full DLC coating and MIL-SPEC.

To ensure the highest quality of your thermal images, the product has a focal length of 100, as well as a 6x 4.7-degree view field. You can magnify the optic up to 5x, or use the electronic zooming technology to maintain the clarity of the image. Finally, there are three zooming levels: 10x, 20x, and 40x.

Thermal Imaging:

You get fully operational unit after only 3 seconds after turning the system on. The Obsidian Core is specially designed to do a variety of tasks simultaneously and without any delays. This allows it to run various sensors and store files at the same time, according to your customization choices.

The Recoil Activated Video (RAV) stores the videos so you don’t have to worry about remembering to use the record button every single time you want to make a kill shot. When you use the RAV option, the Obsidian Core will buffer all the things the scope captures.

So, just turn it on and relax. The system will do all the job for you, and you will get a full video of the moment of the shot, as well as the before and after.

ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x, 640x480, 100 mm, Thermal Rifle Scope w/High Res Video, WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Ballistic Calculator and IOS and Android Apps

The ATN ThOR 640 also can use either AA batteries or an external battery pack. The AA batteries will power the scope for 8 hours and the external battery pack for more than twice as long. Many thermal rifle scopes will use custom batteries or battery packs; being able to quickly swap out the use AA batteries for fresh ones is a great feature. Note that they do recommend Lithium batteries.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

The ATN Thor also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can use the Obsidian app on your mobile to control the device, as well as view or share the live streaming with others. All you got to do is connect the phone or the tablet to Wi-Fi, open the app, and check the Gallery for the videos of your latest hunting adventure.

ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x, 640x480, 100 mm, Thermal Rifle Scope w/High Res Video, WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Ballistic Calculator and IOS and Android Apps

Other Useful Features & Final Thoughts:

Finally, you get the remaining features that come in very handy: an e-barometer, e-compass, and 3d gyroscope.

The ATN ThOR HD 640 thermal rifle scope really seems to have it all together. It is durable, high quality, and packed with features. The ATN ThOR is a premium product with a higher price than other thermal scopes but if you are looking for a great premium thermal rifle scope and price is not the deciding factor this is a great choice. By using the carefully combined features and advanced operating system of this unit, you can make unforgettable hunting memories, and even store the videos for later use.