Last updated on August 6, 2020

Fair one attachment thermal camera

The FLIR ONE Thermal Imager for Android and Iphone (note each one is a separate purchase) competes directly with Seek Compacts Thermal Imager for Android and Iphone as well. While The FLIR ONE has a bigger name behind as well as some additional features it does cost quite a bit more than the Seek Compact and for every day do it yourselfers it may not make sense to spend the extra money. One of the major advantages that the FLIR ONE has is increased resolution making its pictures less blurry so if image quality is your number one concern then this is the camera for you.  The FLIR ONE has less reviews than the Seek Compact althoug the 2nd Generation of the FLIR ONE just came out. If you are looking for a reasonable Thermal Imager for your phone from a well-known name brand with excellent image quality and are willing to pay a little more than this could be the thermal imager for you.

Wondering how Flir one compares against Flir One Pro and Seek? Read the comparison on this page.


  • Tempature range of -4°F to 248°F
  • Two cameras for superior picture quality
  • Very Compact and Easy to Use
  • FLIR is a known and Trusted Brand
  • Uses your phones memory for storage
  • 790 Amazon Reviews
  • 4.5 Stars on Amazon
  • 59% of reviewers rated it 5 stars
  • Great entry level camera with the best resolution in its price range and category
  • Automatic focus
  • Prime Eligible


  • Very Small
  • Great for home owners and DYI'ers
  • High quality images make it very easy to see heat sources


  • More expensive than its Seek Compact counterpart
  • If higher resolution is not most important to you may be better off with the Seek Compact
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