Last updated on August 5, 2020

FLIR E50 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera_1

The FLIR E50 is a professional grade thermal imaging camera with many features from one of the leaders in the industry however its price tag reflects this. The E50 is no doubt intended for the professional tradesman who will be using this camera every day and must be certain that the results and reports generated are accurate. FLIR E50 is Bluetooth enabled so that it can link with FLIR’s METER link accessories and stream data between them as needed. The FLIR E50 also has a 3.1mp digital camera which allows for crisp HD images and video recordings that can be stored on SD card in JPG and MPEG4 format. There are also many other lens options however these increase the price dramatically. Many buyers ask why FLIR E50 price is so much more expensive than the E4 or TG 165 and the main reason is the quality of the detector and the increased resolution as camera is meant for professional applications. The thermal imager sensor has a 240 x 180 resolution. This is a high enough resolution for most serious applications. 

FLIR E50 features a 3.5'" color touch screen with a 320 x 240 resolution. The battery capacity is good for 4 hours of operating time.

If you download the FLIR Mobile Tools APP on your smartphone, you can stream live thermal videos from your FLIR E50 thermal camera and share it with co-workers or clients.

As with all FLIR products it is covered by their 10-5-2 warranty. This is a premium professional grade thermal imaging camera that is great for tradesmen and anyone else who uses a thermal imagining camera daily or as part of their business but overkill for the homeowner or do-it-yourselfer. That being said more expensive models really do not offer a large upgrade in capabilities compared to the increased cost unless you are simply looking to have the absolute best; while expensive this is a good value camera for the money.

FLIR E50 front lens


  • WiFi enabled for linking with other measuring tools
  • Automatic Focus
  • 3.1MP digital camera
  • Laser pointer
  • Thermal sensitivity .05C
  • Temperature range -4 to 1202F
  • Image/report software included (FLIR TOOLS)
  • 6 Amazon reviews
  • 4.6-star rating
  • 83% of buyers rated it 5 stars (highest of any thermal camera we have reviewed)
  • Automatic focus
  • Prime Eligible
  • Prime eligible
  • 3.5inch display
  • 240 x 180 resolution


  • Overall positive reviews – highest of any camera we have reviewed
  • Many features geared to professionals
  • Ability to change lenses as needed
  • WiFi enabled


  • Price – it is expensive
  • Not many reviews – although all are positive
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